Pants: Blank Denim, Top: Zara, Shoes: Zara

Crop flare pants or kick flares (depends on which school you are from), are one of the few 2017 trends that I quickly jumped on board with! It is easy to style and flatters all body types. Despite having spent all my life in skinny jeans, I found it relatively easy to transition into the new summer staple.

Of course, I followed a few rules from my rulebook: start black and Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

Now, the first pair that I ever bought was a simple black one from Mother denim (styled in a future blog post) but I recently saw this leather piece on Shopbop and instantly knew I had to have it. I’ve styled it quite simply: a ribbed white tee, cat eye shades, and  a bit of height with some sock boots (another trend that seems to stick)



Tell me what you think of the trend and how you’ve styled it!

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