Vintage jeans with AYAMI off-shoulder top and sock boots in nude

Wearing:AYAMI Minka Top, Re/Done HRAC Jeans (get yours for 20% off with my code) , Zara Nude Booties(similar here), Bottega Veneta

I admit I haven’t been on Instagram for long. When I finally did sign up, I was hit smack in the middle of the head by a sea of glamorous people sporting RE/DONE jeans all over the place. And all this while I thought I was being hip in my Levis? Curiosity got the better of me (duh). What was this perfectly blue pair that seemed to give everyone endless pins? I headed over to their website to see what everyone was truly fussing about.


For those of you who are as befuddled as I once was about the fuss, RE/DONE’s founders lovingly hand-pick each pair of vintage, downtrodden Levi’s and bring them back to life. That did seem like an excellent idea to me and not long after, I found myself staring at a 500$ PayPal bill in my email (import taxes, oh how you fool me each time.) When it finally arrived (took five days to get to Canada actually), I jumped in right away and thought I’d share my opinions on it. Very briefly.

  • Look and feel – to touch, they definitely are very thick in comparison to the stretchy stuff we call jeans today. I gently pulled at it to see if it had any give. None. They look lovely by the way, so that was a bonus! Gives one all sorts of authentic feels.
  • Accuracy of size – I was honestly very pleased to see the detailed charts on sizing with all sorts of numbers. Now, this is probably just me but I was in a bit of a jam trying to figure out my size. I have a 26 inch waist so according to the size chart I would have to buy a 24. But if we try to match my thigh (thank you, many years of gymnastics), I’d be a 27. I went with the larger one and obviously it turned out to be way too big for me at the waist and still a bit tight in the legs.
  • Quality – Now here is the part that went bad for me. As I was pulling up the jeans, I accidentally grabbed it (quite gently, I promise) by the belt loop. A piece of it ripped out leaving a nice small hole. Now I am not sure if this is because these jeans are vintage and so delicate? Possibly.
  • Comfort – They were quite stiff at first but loosened out nicely and became quite soft!

So, there is my review of the High Rise Ankle Crop jeans! Do try to get yourself a pair if you can. Oh also, did I tell you? They tell you exactly how old your jeans are? Possibly the best part I think! Here is my 20% off code to help make your decision easier!

Bottom line, it sure looks lovely but be careful of the sizes, especially if you have muscular legs. Also, for heaven’s sake, never pull at the belt loop. Never.

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