I like to believe that I am a very liberal person – open to new ideas and opinions. Especially when it comes to fashion trends.

Pink and red in one outfit? Of course!

Fur glued all over the shoe? Sure, why not!

A $1000 t-shirt with “Janitor” printed on it? Okay, if you want to!

Bum bags for brunch? I’m already on it!

Sweatpants for a run to the mall? uh…excuse me?

Athletic and leisure clothes. Now this is one area of my life I rule with an iron fist. The rules are simple, really. If you wear them to the gym, you just wear them at the gym. Yes, you too leggings.

Now, was I to know that not long after this rule was established and jotted down with a flourish of the mighty pen, a plethora of hefty names would jump on to the very concept I scorned and hated? Was I to really know that 2017-18 would be the years of athletic wear?

I spent the first half of 2017, scornfully watching my favourite designers send models down the runway in all sorts of “gym wear”.  Then I sulked through the second half of the year, browsing through the glossy images of baggy sweatpants, socks and slides in fashion magazines. Nothing would ever change my mind. Come 2018, I found myself reasoning with the terrible idea of fancy sweatpants and jumpers. Maybe, I didn’t have to be so uptight. After all, isn’t style all about letting go of rules and doing your thing? After several lengthy discussions with self, I decided it was time to tweak my golden rules. I would only want to wear one piece at a time and balance the overall look to please all parties.


For a more toned down look, I decided to go with a simple, white off-shoulder to keep the focus on the green joggers!


20170916232223_IMG_0152Wearing Top: AYAMI; Shoes: Nike; Joggers: Gucci

So will I be donning joggers at the drop of a hat? Maybe not!

I like my idea of smartening up the whole casual look with a more sombre piece and sticking to more polished joggers! I might try joggers with a sharp blazer or heels next!