I love Zara. Really do. It’s my most reliable destination for trend hunting on a budget.

The excerpt below is taken from my daily life:

Casually scrolling down on Instagram..ah gingham is in, okay. Wear lot’s of leather, okay….


What the…??…..massive puffy, red jacket on the cool people…

Finds links…

Why, it’s only Balenciaga….

Heads to Zara.

The above scenario happens to me a lot. A LOT. But you know what I mean. So we’ve established that Zara is great. BUT, sometimes, it’s good to have someplace else to look, someplace as reliable as Zara. I wanted to point out some other brands that I really loved and are not Zara!!

(Note: I am not going to put up direct pictures as it will violate copyright laws and that’s scary)



Okay, this brand is super cool. Think of them like edgy and on trend in a really elegant way, with better quality than Zara. Meant for those who like to be timeless yet in a black cocoon coat, yet one day show up in a big red Balenciaga like puffy jacket. Check out the links to see clothes from the brand that I really desperately want and show you why we need it!

  • Predicting the rise of red leather and want to step in? A feminine skirt in red leather should do the trick, shouldn’t it? Here
  • Loving those wrap dresses on everyone right now? Get the style with this elegant muted floral number with a v neck! Here
  • An adorable furry jacket for the dreary winter with a pop of gentle orange? Here
  • Wanting to jump on the sock boot trend? How about this elegant suede one with a clean buckle? Here
  • Want to channel some classic Chanel vibes without selling your soul to the devil? Here
  • Tired of the same old tote? Need an upgrade without harassing your minimal wardrobe style? Here or Here

Hehe wait, this one is actually owned by Inditex, the company that also owns Zara!


Frank & Oak Logo

This Canadian brand hails from dear Montréal, what we like to think of as the Paris of Canada. Their focus? Providing all the staples you need to build your own capsule wardrobe collection, or to just to your already overflowing wardrobe for that matter. Plus they have student discounts and really wonderful people to help with the sizing!

  • Everyone needs a reliable black ribbed knit tank top! Let these guys help you out with their slightly cropped version! Here
  • So you saw Gigi heading out in that all green pyjama ensemble , didn’t you? Well, you can start off your “too goof for the bedroom” trend with this really elegant silk shirt in the lovely Champagne! Here
  • Everyone needs a midi slip dress. In silk. Period. Here
  • Tried of the boring slip on loafers with their predictable square toes? Try the babouche! Seriously! Here



So Rouje is a brainchild of the lovely Jeanne Damas! And every piece in her collection oozes with the ooze that only a classic Parisian brand can. Filled with staple caracos, mini skirts, flared pants and floral dresses, it is truly a wonderful thing to behold!

  • Ever dreamed of strolling down the long winding streets of the French countryside in the perfect summer top? Here
  • What about the prefect floaty wrap dress? This one always sells out on her website and you can easily see why! Here
  • This is another wrap top in gold and silk. Because I’m obsessed. Here
  • Check out this lovely jumpsuit in tiny printed flowers. See what I mean? With the whole classic French vibe? Here


Hopefully you will now have a few more options to check out before you run off to Zara? Comment below and let me know what other brands you would rely on! Or if you have tried any of these brands before!